CROWN Clothing

Creation of an e-commerce application

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About this projet

This project is the culmination of a complete training that I carried out on the web application development in React.

It is a minimalist e-commerce application. It contains the essential elements for this type of application, namely :

  • navigation between categories and products

  • a registration and login process

  • shopping cart management

  • implementation of a means of payment

This project allowed me to deeply approach the different aspects of a web application developed in React and Redux but also to see other alternatives (Context API or GraphQL + Apollo).

In summary, a very good complete and formative project.

Technical Sheet

Code technologies I got involved with while working on this project.

  • React.js : React router, Hooks, HOC pattern

  • Redux & middleware : selectors and reselect, Redux logger, Redux persist, Redux saga (also seen Redux thunk)

  • CSS3 with a first implementation in Sass then in Styled Components

  • Firebase for authentication and shop data

  • Stripe as a payment gateway

  • Netlify for hosting services

  • GitHub for source code management

It is Redux which is implemented in this version but I also explored Context API and GraphQL + Apollo as alternatives.