Monitoring system with connected alarm

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About this projet

Keepen is a French start-up, offering the first non-intrusive, fully autonomous alarm system that permanently protects the home or business. It divides by 50 the number of nuisance trips.

An alarm is very simply mounted on the front door. Equipped with sensors and a powerful siren, if a movement is detected, the device will instantly analyze whether it is indeed an authorized person (wearing a badge), before triggering the siren and sending an alert to the persons concerned (residents / neighbors / security team).

An activity reporting, alert and authorization management application completes the offer.

Technical Sheet

Surveillance alarms (Keepen objects) use the LoRaWAN protocol (Long Range Wide-area network) which is a telecommunication protocol allowing low-speed communication, by radio, of objects with low power consumption.

The system uses the Objenious IoT cloud platform which provides all the tools necessary to manage connected objects. This platform communicates via an API.

Objects go up (uplink) and also receive (downlink) information from Objenious via LoRa technology.

Finally, the web apps (React.js) and the mobile app (React Native) communicate with the Keepen API.

As a freelance, I worked on the Keepen API in order to process several requests for correction and improvement of functionality.

  • Development in the Keepen API under Symfony 3.2, API Platform and MySQL

  • Writing and executing Behat tests

  • GitLab Repo

  • Nextcloud collaboration platform

  • Slack communication platform

I also saw the back office application developed in React.js/Redux.