Le Moulin de Gâteau

Website to promote bed and breakfasts

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About this projet

This project is the creation of a website that offers tourist accommodation in central France.

My goal was to set up an attractive and efficient website.

To best meet this demand, I decided to use a modern stack for the development of the site, namely the JAMstack.

Technical Sheet

The site is developed in JAMstack with the Gatsby framework in order to obtain optimal performance, increased security and inexpensive hosting.

Code technologies with which I got involved while working on this project

  • UI/UX design

  • React-based Gatsby for page generation and dynamic functionality

  • GraphQL for data query

  • Leaflet library for map

  • Contentful headless CMS to manage content data

  • CSS3 managed with CSS modules

  • Netlify for hosting services

  • GitHub for hosting and source code management

The content of the site is managed with Contentful. A webhook is configured to automatically push the modifications made and build a new version of the site, deployed on the Netlify CDN.

A continuous deployment is also implemented between GitHub and Netlify.